Children with disabilities have the right to freedom from discriminatory arrest, suspension, expulsion from school; individualized educational programs and related services; integration into regular classrooms; and transition planning.

Freedom from Abuse and Neglect

Children with disabilities are not unlawfully disciplined, suspended or expelled from school.

Rights Violations Addressed:

• Abuse at school
• Arrest, suspension, or expulsion

Accessible Communities

Schools are accessible to children with disabilities.

Rights Violations Addressed:

• Accessible schools and school programs

Independence, Productivity, Integration and Inclusion

Children with disabilities are identified, evaluated, and receive a free and appropriate public education and related services.

Rights Violations Addressed:

• Failure to identify, provide early intervention
• Failure to evaluate
• Failure to develop appropriate IEP or 504 plans
• Failure to provide appropriate and/or integrated placement in least restrictive environment
• Failure to provide transition plans
• Failure to provide related services
• Failure to provide Assistive Technology
• Failure to practice disciplinary procedural safeguards

Self Determination

Parents and children make their own choices about placement and services.

Rights Violations Addressed:

• Decision-making without parent, guardian or child involvement or consent


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